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Please note - Terms for publishing content on is not valid for content that was originally posted on other platforms / websites.

The following terms & conditions (User terms hereafter) apply to visitors of this website that is using the Storebadge service. By using the service the user also accepts these terms & conditions. Usage is defined as using functionality on this website such as posting reviews.

1. Review

1.1 Data processing and storage

When posting a review via the Storebadge service the following data will be processed and stored;

  1. Order reference (order number)
  2. Date and time of the order
  3. Firstname and Lastname
  4. E-mail address
  5. Evaluation (rating values)
  6. The contents of the review text
  7. IP number used when posting the review
1.2 Review content

The content of reviews must refer to an actual purchase from the company that is the subject of the review. The user is responsible for all contents of the reviews, Storebadge will not activity monitor review contents supplied by users. Other review contents are disallowed, including but not limited to expressions such as political and/or religious opinions, advertisement for products or services unrelated to the review. Profanities / foul language in the review content is also disallowed.

1.3 Review replies

Companies are allowed to reply to reviews, the reply will be published publicly in proximity to the review.

1.4 Blocked reviews

Storebadge will not alter or edit reviews, but reviews may however be blocked by request of the company that is subject of the review. In such case Storebadge will evaluate if the review is in breach with the User terms and depending on the evaluation either enforce or remove the blocking.

1.5 Misuse of the service

Storebadge will take measures to prevent misuse of the service. Usage that are in breach with these terms or use of the service with the intent of misleading or causing damage to a Company that uses the Storebadge system and/or causing damage to the Storebadge brand or Storebadge affiliates are regarded as misuse of the service.

2. User Identification

All users must disclose their full name and e-mail address in order to post reviews on the Storebadge website.

2a. Identification through order information

Companies subscribing to the Storebadge service provides Storebadge with order details that are used to send review invitation e-mails. Users that receive an e-mail invite do not need to provide any additional identification.

2b. Identification through Facebook or Google accounts

Users that wish to post reviews without receiving an invitation will need to disclose their identity through either a valid Facebook or Google account. Storebagde will collect the name and e-email address provided if the user gives consent to share information with Storebadge.

3. Cookies

The Storebadge website uses cookies, cookies are necessary to provide functionally on the website. Both session cookies and persistent cookies are used.

4. Information sharing

The Storebadge website offers functionality intended to let users and visitors share information that is published on the website via third party services such as social networks. Storebadge will also actively promote reviews published on the website by making the information available to search engines and to other websites.

5. Data Integrity

Storebadge will take necessary technical and organisational safety measures to ensure secure storage and processing of data collected by the users use of the service.

6. Newsletter

By posting a review on the service the user also sings up for a Storebadge newsletter subscription. The user may receive multiple newsletters if the user used multiple email addresses when posting reviews. If the user wishes to unsubscribe from the newsletter opt out links are available in the newsletters.

7. Updates or changes to the User terms

Storebadge reserves the right to make changes and/or update the User terms without prior notice.

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