User FAQ

In the User FAQ section you will find common questions and answers explaining the use and workings of the Storebadge ratings & review service from a user perspective.

What is Storebadge?

Storebadge is a feedback service that makes it easy for customers to rate and review online stores. The service is available globally and the purpose of Storebadge is helping online consumers in making well informed decisions before giving their business to a specific company. The feedback of customers also helps online retailers learn how to improve their service and customer satisfaction.

What are the rules for writing reviews?

Provided that the author is a customer of the business that is the subject of the review the content of the review must comply with the rules in our user terms.

How does the rating system work?

When reviewing a business the reviewer will be asked to rate the shopping experience, one star "poor" is the lowest rating and five start "excellent" is the highest rating. The value of a star is 1p so the maximum rating (five stars) equals 5p.

Will reviews be changed or blocked?

Transparency is a core value for Storebadge, your reviews will never be changed or edited. They may however be blocked from public display. The reasons for a blocking may be that the review contains content that are in breach with the user terms. Storebadge will investigate blocked reviews, and may republish the review in question if Storebadge find it to be inline with our user terms.

What are review replies?

A business owner can reply reviews, in that case the author of the review will be notified via emails if a reply is published. The purpose of review replies are to respond to feedback in order to clarify something, offer a solution or otherwise comment on the reviews. When the author of a review receives a reply he/her will also be asked if he would like to reassess his/hers rating.

What are reply votes?

Visitors on the Storebadge website are able to vote on replies written by business owners by clicking either "thumbs up" (positive) or "thumbs down" (negative). The purpose of these votes is to give feedback on the business owner review replies. The votes will give an insight in to whether or not the public believes that replies written by a business owner are helpful or not. Each visitor may only vote once.

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